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PlayTank is an idea capture and collective collaboration tool, enabling organisations to explore and design innovations at any scale


The best innovations aren’t brought to life from individual ideas or concepts existing in isolation, but instead are the result of the collective impact of many ideas and perspectives, constantly being reassessed in different contexts and scenarios. Through always-on social collaboration, our platform maximizes the chances of creating high-impact innovations.


Unlike traditional idea capture tools which require individuals to solve innovation challenges by themselves or through predefined teams, PlayTank utilizes distributed decision making and input, which allows entire employee bases to attack tasks and micro-challenges best suited to their knowledge and skills, regardless of their position in the organisation


Sometimes an idea or piece of knowledge holds significant value, but isn’t immediately relevant for the innovation challenge which led to its conception. The modularity of our system, coupled with our ‘idea-as-a-currency’ methodology, enables participants to easily extract components of an innovation concept and reuse them in other solutions.

Use Cases

Just some of the ways our platform can be utilised

Concept Development

Product Design

Proposition Refinement

Virtual Hackathons

Culture Building

Talent Identifcation

Stakeholder Buy-In

Opportunity Identification

Problem Solving

Customer Validation

Community Engagement


Scenario Planning

P2P Training

Knowledge Transfer

Enterprise Innovation is Hard

Due to the nature of large organisations it can be extremely difficult to involve large numbers of employees in the ideation and decision making process when attempting to build and design new practices, products, models and other innovations.As a result of the lack of real time, large scale collaboration focused towards innovation a significant amount of potential knowledge and creativity which could be directed towards these solutions is lost.

The co-ordination costs associated with attempting to facilitate such activities using traditional project management methodologies and tools would surpass the actual revenue/ancillary benefits that could have been achieved. Existing idea capture tools, while capable of reaching a large amount of employees, can lead to isolated and unrefined proposals, due to their linear and non-collaborative nature.

Our Platform Can Help

Coming up with ideas is easy. The hard part is unlocking their value and understanding where they fit in to an organisation’s innovation efforts. That’s where we come in. After setting up an enterprise account on our platform, each company is allotted a central ‘idea bank’ where individual idea cards are stored. These ideas could include anything from a passing thought, a strategic insight, a fresh perspective, or research into a novel technology.

Idea cards are fed to employees via an enterprise wide social feed, can be stored on individual profiles, and are used to seed intial solution pitches as well as solve innovation ‘micro-challenges’. This process is constantly taking place, even outside of innovation campaigns, so a company’s idea bank is always growing. The more an organisation engages with our platform, the larger the bank will become, providing more and more combinations and permutations of ideas, increasing the chance of discovering and mapping out high impact innovations.

Explore Features

Everything you need to turn ideas into reality

Highly customizable campaigns to suit any innovation strategy

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all innovation strategy. Organizational focus and employee cultures exist on such a broad spectrum that it’s impossible for what works in one company to be immediately applicable to another. We’ve put a huge amount of focus on ensuring our platform and in particular, innovation campaign settings, are as customizable as possible, to ensure every one of our clients is getting the most value they can from our system. Whether you’re focused on short term or long term prospects; incremental or radical shifts; culture building or employee empowerment; whether you have a initial concept and you want to engage relevant stakeholders to mature it, or you’re interested in blue sky innovations, enabling employees to build potential solutions with no restrictions, it’s all possible on PlayTank. Campaigns can be customized on a case-by-case basis, and collaborative activities are taking place even outside of campaigns, so organizations have the flexibility to adapt to any innovation challenge or opportunity.

The most engaging innovation experience available

The ability for large groups of individuals to come together and share their thoughts and opinions has radically impacted the world through the advent of social media. Now, organizations are looking to adapt these same principles into a business context. Platforms such as Slack have proven that social business platforms can bring entire employee bases together to create holistic enterprise wide communication. PlayTank aims to take these methodologies one step further, by enabling innovation-focused collaboration at scale, powered by social paradigms. Features such as idea saving, sharing and voting; real time notifications and event feeds; social currencies such as skills and impact levels; and feeds of relevant information create an engaging and frictionless environment where innovations can come to life.

Breaking solutions down into bite sized chunks

Solving innovation challenges is not a singular effort. To get a full understanding of the value landscape surrounding a potential innovation, multiple perspectives and insights are required from all relevant stakeholders. On PlayTank, once a initial solution proposal is ‘seeded’ by an individual, the collective can get to work building out a value map, comprised of ‘building blocks’. Each building block represents a particular facet of that project, and are grouped according to relevancy with eachother. These building blocks contain micro-challenges, calls-to-action, which result in value outputs of which a completed proposal is comprised. By breaking down potential innovations into micro-contributions, the barriers to entry for collaborators is significantly lowered, with individuals attempting to solve the tasks most relevant to their knowledge and skill-set, and projects take on a more organic, truthful orientation.

A system of record for innovation. Ideas can be reused and recycled across projects and campaigns

Our platform is the first of its kind to utilise ‘ideas as a currency’, an innovative feature-set which allows for the recycling and reuse of idea cards across multiple innovation campaigns and solutions. While an idea may hold intrinsic value, it may not necessarily be relevant for the challenge in which it was conceived. Any time an idea is created on our platform, whether it’s uploaded to a user’s profile, created to help seed or initiate a potential solution, or submitted to solve a particular micro-challenge, the idea is stored in an organization’s idea bank, where it is fed via our real time social feed to relevant users, and can be saved and reused for future use. This functionality creates an ever evolving central system of record for enterprise knowledge and insight. The more an organization utilises our platform, the more value they’ll be able to unlock, as their idea bank evolves alongside their systematic innovation efforts.


From 2017, PlayTank will offer a full suite of analytics functionality to organizations, allowing decision makers to gain more precise insights into innovation activities across the platform. Some examples of insights include solution growth rates; idea impact metrics and platform-wide trending topics.


Our platform will launch with a contextual value delivery process for completed solutions, however in 2017, we’re going to double down on post solution functionality, providing campaign creators with a broad range of reporting functionality, including solution scoring and comparison.

Partners & Customers

More and more, organization’s are looking to involve external stakeholders in their innovation process. Next year, we’ll be opening up our cross-organizational functionality, which will allow various companies (including partners; startups and academic institutions) to collaborate together on potential innovations.

The Public

Indeed, the conversation doesn’t end there. Following on from our cross-organizational feature set, we’ll be launching a public version of PlayTank, where not only can organization’s involve the public in the innovation design process, but the crowd will be capable of autonomously building their own solutions.

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What do enterprises think of our platform?

PlayTank provides a focused and collaborative innovation platform where clear organisational objectives can be set, rather than the typical idea generation funnel process where ideas are developed randomly and in isolation of each other. Using PlayTank, employees are given the opportunity to collaborate on new ideas, allowing the power of group intelligence to be fully leveraged by the organisation. Working in a collaborative network also leads to social validation, which in turn drives increased levels of engagement. The PlayTank platform enables employees to work on ideas which truly interests them and also gives them the opportunity to develop existing skill sets and apply skills which they possess but may not have the opportunity to use day-to day.

Eamon CluneInnovation and Change Management, Bord Gais

Innovation does not come from one person, nor senior managers, innovation comes from everyone. One of the major blockers of innovation is hierarchal company structure. The people working “in” the company can often spot opportunities that could be tapped, but they are rarely, if ever, asked. More than ever, employees want to be part of the future of their companies and co-create that future. Using innovation tools like Playtank foster a culture of innovation in an organisation by engaging employees in an open and collaborative way.

Aidan McCullenHead of Innovation Partnerships and Funding @ RTE

Web 2.0 platforms such as social networks; e-commerce sites and blogging systems have opened the floodgates to previously inaccessible positions for millions of individuals. This democratisation process is taking place on a global scale, and yet there are many scenarios where these structures have not yet been implemented. With PlayTank, the guys on this hungry team have come up with a system which allows large groups of individuals to build and design new product and process concepts together, without the need for hierarchy or dedicated project managers. This could be a huge opportunity inside large organisations, who could leverage the software to exponentially increase both their idea capture rate and the number of product concepts they can design and validate with minimal risk.

Redg SnodgrassCEO @ Wearable IOT World

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Silicon Republic

Meet the Team

Toby Farren

CEO Toby started his career as a video game journalist. After working on a research project at an IBM delivery center, focusing on a gamified training tool for customer support representatives, and as a marketer at Wayra-funded startup VBot, Toby left in 2014 to work full time on PlayTank.

Daniel Conlon

CTO Daniel has over 10 years experience in software development & engineering, as well as 4 years business development experience and 2 years video game development experience, having worked on numerous software products for various companies, both national and international.

Andy Byrne

COO Andy managed and co-founded innovative Dublin based web development house WeDevelop. With over 10 years sales exp. in P2P and B2B in the IT and communications sectors he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. He also hosted UpStarts a weekly radio show on Dublin City FM which focused on emerging businesses and ventures in Dublin.

Kelvin Doyle

Design Consultant Kelvin graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology with a Masters in Creative Digital Media. Since then, he has built an impressive design portfolio, working on a wide array of project types including UI design, User Experience, mobile and web applications, and design thinking sessions.

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