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Navigate to success with the right people, know-how and direction

PlayTank helps project teams to collect and share knowledge; build & maintain better projects; and collaborate to hit critical milestones.


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Navigate change & build better projects by harnessing the knowledge of everyone in and around your team.

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PlayTank to Map and Maintain a Healthy Project

Provide an even starting point and guide progress throughout the project life-cycle

The quality of connectivity between core team members, and personnel at all levels in the project environment, has a distinct impact, from start to finish, on a project’s success.

Getting all the project team members, and the project supporters if possible, in one room helps – but it’s not always possible and only lasts for a short time.

PlayTank helps teams run collaborative and inclusive sessions at any point in a project.

More than providing a system of record for your collaborative activities and team know-how, PlayTank provides a social and engaging environment which guides teams towards critical milestones.

The PlayTank PlayBook offers teams a library of templates for use at the most important points of a project. So whether you’re building your project charter or identifying stakeholders the project could effect – everyone can stay focused on critical factors, up to date on changes and aligned towards a common vision.

Project Charter Building

Project Rescue

PlayTank to Design and Build New Products and Services

Ensure your new solutions are providing what users really need

Putting the end-users at the heart of all decisions surrounding new solution development is critical to creating better products, processes and services. However, understanding users is only the first step – the real challenge is getting all project efforts aligned behind these key insights.

PlayTank helps teams of any size navigate towards the best possible solutions for their end-users.

The software not only provides a social, and on-demand, design thinking environment for teams but also provides them with the necessary structure, guidance and techniques to ensure solutions have the best chance of delivering on their ambitions.

Our PlayBook includes many modern design thinking style techniques and exercises to fit all stages of solution development, whether you’re a large organization or a brand new startup. This includes templates such as solution benchmarking processes and the infamous business model canvas.

Solution Benchmarking

Business Model Canvas

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