Aiming Beyond The Target
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2017-11-23T14:20:25+00:00By |Productivity|

One of the biggest challenges of hitting a target is the strange phenomenon that as we reach 70% / 80% people, particularly sales people seem to slow down. Perhaps its the fatigue and the work and effort that's been put in so far in hitting what they've already [...]

Innovation Spotlight: Wearable Technology
Josh Quigley

2017-11-13T14:39:53+00:00By |Innovation|

Wearable technology, or wearables, has played an interesting role in the tech world over the past decade. Wearables achieved sustained success in some more specific areas, like in the healthcare sector and many military forces, but hadn’t found it’s way into the hearts of the ‘everyday consumer’. Even [...]

Visualizing success to realize targets
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2017-11-13T14:36:40+00:00By |Productivity|

Years ago I worked for a company that had really tough sales targets. Achieving them was a challenge for everyone on my team and often we faced the thought in our minds that we would never possibly hit the goal we were striving for. Fortunately I was training [...]

How an empty inbox became a happy inbox
How an empty inbox became a happy inbox avatar

2017-09-28T20:57:55+00:00By |Productivity|

We’ve all been there. Our notification counter on the little envelop icon showing a number that makes us dread clicking. Our unread e-mails have spiraled to a level where we think we’ll never possibly be able to read them all. You know 90% is probably junk, be it [...]

20 Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
Toby Farren

2017-09-28T21:07:40+00:00By |Culture|

95% of the world’s oceans have still yet to be discovered Larry Page famously uses the word ‘moonshots’ (in reference to the wild adventures and progress in technology and humanities during the late 60s) to describe the focus on progress at Google – ‘to be measured in units [...]