How an empty inbox became a happy inbox
How an empty inbox became a happy inbox avatar

2017-09-28T20:57:55+00:00 By |Productivity|

We’ve all been there. Our notification counter on the little envelop icon showing a number that makes us dread clicking. Our unread e-mails have spiraled to a level where we think we’ll never possibly be able to read them all. You know 90% is probably junk, be it [...]

20 Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
Toby Farren

2017-09-28T21:07:40+00:00 By |Culture|

95% of the world’s oceans have still yet to be discovered Larry Page famously uses the word ‘moonshots’ (in reference to the wild adventures and progress in technology and humanities during the late 60s) to describe the focus on progress at Google – ‘to be measured in units [...]

Blockchain Breakfast Summary
Toby Farren

2017-09-28T21:14:28+00:00 By |Event Coverage|

Wednesday 6 April marked the first ‘Blockchain Breakfast’ from Irish consultancy startup Chainsmiths, led by Managing Director Kevin Loaec. The event brought together senior executives and academics from some of Ireland’s most notable organisations, including Bank of Ireland and Citi Bank. While fintech applications for Blockchain were certainly [...]