Toby Farren, CEO

Toby runs PlayTank. He previously worked in IBM and as lead organiser (Ireland) for Wearable IoT World. Toby is on a mission to democratise innovation.

Toby Farren


Daniel Conlon, CTO

Daniel designs and builds the PlayTank architecture and technology. He also heads up Research and Development focusing on delivering new and innovative technologies.

Daniel Conlon


Andy Byrne, COO

Andy keeps the gears turning, day-in day-out. From customer success to financial management, he makes sure operations are running as smoothly as possible.

Andy Byrne


Keith Finglas, Director of Customer Success

Innovation in Projects and Organisations - developing and delivering the best solution achievable within the applicable constraints of time, need and money.

Keith Finglas

Director of Customer Success


Colm (Founder of Realex Payments) is PlayTank's first investor. His continued support and mentorship has enabled PlayTank to persue its ambitions.

Colm Lyon, PayVation

Investor, Advisor

Madeline Darr, Marketing and Content Intern

From Temple University, class of 2017, Maddie has a passion for storytelling and has focused her ambitions on combining journalistic techniques and graphic design to help tell visual stories for business oriented ideas and innovations.

Madeline Darr

Marketing and Content Intern


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Formula Rail

Formula Rail is a platform for delivering smarter ways for buyers and suppliers to work together to source the best performing and best value ideas, products and solutions.


FinnoLux is a result of creating a community with very different yet complementary skill sets who are able to “get things done” in the FinTech and Financial Sectors.